The World’s Worst Advice for Scanning Slides

When you’re looking into scanning slides, be sure not to make these big mistakes! They’re a recipe for disaster.

  • Don’t bother storing your slides any special way. Slides are toughbad-advice and resilient! They’ll scan in as good as new, no matter how they have been stored.
    Real advice: Store your slides in a box or case designed for slide storage, or in a carousel (not, for instance, loose in a paper bag). That will protect them from dust and damage. Scanning slides simply copies the existing image into a digital format. If those slides are damaged or bent, the image that gets scanned will be affected.
  • Expect pictures to come back better-looking than they were the first time around! Of course a slide scanning lab will fix any photography errors that may have been made at the time the picture was taken.
    Real advice: If a slide is badly discolored, we will do our best to fix it up. But photos that are blurry, dark, or taken with the wrong type of film (for instance, if indoor film was used outdoors on a sunny day) will still not look perfect when they are digitized, without some in-depth correction work. We can do that for you at an additional fee; please ask when you are dropping off your slides. But, of course, no one can do anything about any unfortunate haircuts or outfits you may have sported in the 1980s!
  • Most importantly, slides last forever. There’s no rush to scan them – they’ll still be just as good in a few more years as they are today.
    Real advice: Slides, like all film, will deteriorate with time, no matter how well you store them. The color can fade or discolor, necessitating additional work to make them look good again. Save yourself the extra time and money on fixing up preventable image problems, and bring your slides in as soon as possible.

The best advice we can give you to counter any bad information you may have gotten is to treat your slides carefully, and don’t let them rot away in a closet or attic. If these pictures are important to you, preserve them! Ask us about our slide scanning services today.

Watch Them Again Before You Transfer Film To DVD

So, you’ve decided to transfer some film to DVD. Great! We’re happy to help you with that. But maybe you want to make some decisions first about what to transfer, so you don’t spend your money on transferring a home movie you don’t want all that much.

Transfer film to DVDWell, we can help with that too! We understand that not every old 8mm home movie is a gem, and some of them might have been poor quality or uninteresting subject matter. But unless you have a projector at home (and who does?), how will you be able to tell what is on a given film reel before you have it transferred?

We offer a free viewing service. You can bring in your old 8mm, Super 8, or 16mm film (or VHS tapes), and watch them for free right here at Play It Again Video. Then, you can decide just what you want to have transferred to DVD! To book the viewing station, give us a call at 617 332-3300, or reserve online here.

“Year in Review” Photo Montages

2014 has just come to a close. No doubt, your family has had a big year! Why not commemorate the events and milestones of the year with a customized photo montage? Our Scattered Pictures service is a great way to pull together the important moments of your family’s year into a beautiful montage, complete with custom music.

Check out this sample montage:

Thinking about creating one for your family? Give us a call at 617 332-3300, and ask about a Scattered Pictures photo montage!

Happy Holidays – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree Video

Happy holidays! Please enjoy this silly video from all of us here at Play It Again Video.

We appreciate your business all through the year and we hope to see you again in 2015! We hope you have a great holiday season filled with family, friends, food, and festivity.

VHS to DVD: Great Last Minute Gift Idea!

Are you stuck for a gift for a family member? Some people are tough to shop for – they “have everything” already, or they tell you there’s nothing they want or need. And time is ticking – it’s already the second week of December!

Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered! Think about it. Do they have an old VHS tape gathering dust somewhere in a closet or attic? Sure! Everyone has one or two somewhere. There’s still time to convert a VHS to DVD. It only takes about a week. You don’t need to spend time deciding which tape or tapes to digitize. Just grab one and go. You can always do a larger conversion project later on, once you’ve given your gift and put the idea in your family member’s head. For now, they can enjoy reliving these memories they may even have forgotten about!

A really cool way to give them this gift, if you can pull it off, is as a surprise. Watch this video to see how one of our customers surprised her husband:

And if your family member doesn’t have an old VHS tape lying around, surely they have a photo album or a box of slides – there’s still time for us to digitize those, too! But don’t wait – soon it really will be too late.

Converting VHS to DVD For a Gift? There’s Still Time!

The holiday season is upon us! Here at Play It Again Video, we think the gift of memories is the greatest gift of all – but remember, converting your VHS home movies to DVD (or any of the other services we provide) takes time. If you are thinking about bringing in your old home movies to transfer, now is the time. We want to make sure you receive your finished project in time for your holiday travel.

Consult this handy chart to get an idea of the time frame required for your project:

VHS to DVD 1 – 2 weeks (depending on project size)
Photos/slides scanned 1 – 2 weeks (depending on project size)
Audio (cassettes, vinyl, etc) 2 weeks
Custom video photo montage 2 – 3 weeks
Transferring to hard drive (instead of DVD) add 3 days


We can also do rush orders for an additional fee. Come in and see us, or call us at 617-332-3300, for more details on rush pricing.

VHS to DVD transfer for the holidays

Make sure you check it off your list in time!

Whether you are giving a DVD of an old VHS as a gift, or just want to watch your old home movies together with family when you see them over the holidays, we want to make sure you have what you need, when you need it! Don’t delay, come see us today to be sure your project will be completed in time.

Digitize Photos to Preserve Veterans’ History

Today is Veterans’ Day. Today, we honor the brave men and women who served in the military, and for many Americans, this means reflecting on the legacy of family members who served many years ago.

This date was chosen for a reason. In other countries, November 11th is celebrated as Remembrance Day (Canada and the UK) or Armistice Day (New Zealand, France, Belgium), and these all relate to the date that the armistice was signed to end the First World War. However, that day occurred in 1918, and there are now no longer any living veterans of World War I.

African-American soldiers in WWIThis means it is even more important to preserve their memory. Since the veterans of that war are no longer with us, we must take care to save the memories they have shared with us. Do you have a First World War veteran in your family? Have they left photos of that time? These photos may be almost 100 years old!

Photography was used during the First World War for both military and personal purposes. Many individual soldiers took photos (even after this was banned in 1915), since for the first time, portable personal cameras were now widely available. Many veterans came home with photos, so that their families could begin to understand their experience. Official photos were also taken, as well as press photos that were published in newspapers on the home front. Of course, individual, personal photos best illustrate the war as it was, since official and press photos were subject to censorship and restrictions.

At Play It Again Video, we can digitize photos for you even if they are 100 years old (or older!). But remember – we do not have an age limit, but your photos do. Photos have a shelf life and can start to fade or even fall apart after several years. If you have First World War era photos in your family, please don’t delay digitizing them. We would be honored to help preserve the memory of the veterans in your family.

Interview with a Kindergartener

The richness of life lies in the memories we have forgotten. Before your kids go back to school, interview them. And then again every year at the start of school. You will realize how rich your life is. Just watch this interview with a kindergartener.

Home Video Transfer also on Tax-free holiday

Don’t just think of big appliances, computers this tax-free weekend. What about transferring that big box of VHS tapes and home movies to DVD? You will save on taxes too when you drop off your old home movies this weekend.

Stepping into our video transfer lab is like stepping back a few decades into the 80′s, the 70′s, the 40′s yikes. When Play it Again Video first opened our doors in Needham, MA, we were converting old film reels to VHS tapes. Then it was to DVDs, and now, we are seeing a lot more customer transfer their old home movies to a portable hard drive to edit on the computer.

Soon, we will just beam these home movie memories from the VHS tapes, 8mm film, 16mm, film, Hi8 tapes right to your forehead so you can access them wherever you are.

For right now, the most important thing is to stop the degradation of your analog magnetic tapes, by converting and preserving them in digital formats.

Baby home movies still stuck in old VHS Tapes?

At our video transfer lab in Newton, MA, we see a lot of babies on our screens as we digitize families’ old home movies, 8mm film or VHS tapes to DVDs.

Parents are so besotted by their newborns, they try to capture every move, every new step, every smile, every breath of those precious few months.

But, I’ve never seen a baby’s reaction to a slice of lemon being captured so humorously like in the video below. This is one memory you want to save.

If you are still hanging on to your old 8mm or 16mm film reels, your old VHS tapes and other home movie tapes, please understand the media has a shelf life. We can help you digitize the old film reels and home movie tapes to DVDs so you can share the memories again. Is there a cute baby moment in your home videos that you can use to blackmail your now teenage or adult children? :-)

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