Our clientele includes individuals and families in the local the Greater Boston area to large institutions such as Harvard University and Mass General Hospital. Quality is just as critical and important for the mom trying to save her children’s childhood memories, as it is for the Director of the Museum of Fine Arts trying to preserve news video clips of past exhibitions of Monet, Van Gogh…

Thank you to our fans for their generous feedback and repeat business ….

Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 8:17 AM
Dear Alison – I picked up the ‘Selma’s Surprise 80th Birthday Party’ DVD on Saturday.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!  The order and clarity of the photos, the special backgrounds and the music are absolutely perfect – and it was finished so promptly, too!  I cannot wait for my mom and the rest of my family to see it on July 19th!  Thanks again for a job well done!  Please feel free to post these comments on your website.
Kindest regards – Stacey Stevens
July 20, 2013
Dear Play it Again Video,
Today I received your package  and I can’t thank you enough.
I have tears in my eyes listening to this very special tape, now cd, of music.  This was my
last and youngest son’s favorite music, and we shared this love of this ghananian music during his
last year of high school.  Every time we drove together in the car – we played this music –
rejoicing in triumphs and making memories.  As Zephy approaches his senior year, you
will surely understand a mother’s sentimentality!
Undoubtedly this will be the best Christmas present I can give to my son.  And that you gave to me!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenny B. Leicester, VT


April 20, 2012

“Hi Myrtha, Chingis and Allison,

Your work is truly outstanding! The video’s final outcome is so beyond what I had expected and thus I am so appreciative of everyone’s efforts to compile such an extensive collection of my mother’s ninety years. Without question, the video will be the highlight of her party. I know in advance, everyone will be spellbound when they watch it.

Your creativity, artistic flair and excellent choices of background pictures and techniques produced a video that I will always treasured. Thank You so much for creating a lasting memoir for my whole family. I will be raving about your work for years to come and for certain let others know about your professional high caliber of services.”

Thank You, Fredda Broverman, Sudbury, MA


“I need to tell you what an amazing job you did… please consider me an enthusiastic reference.” – M. Izor, WLVI TV 56

“… the video you made for us was absolutely outstanding!” – B. Garrison, Ingalls, Quinn & Johnson&

“It is such a pleasure to work with people who know their business and how to make a customer happy.” – David Elliot, Exemer Laser Systems

“I am so glad we found out about your company – Play it Again Video. It was a pleasure to work with each of you. We truly appreciate the time and interest you put into Wes’ DVD production. I know I felt like you had a genuine interest in what Wes was doing. Even on a “spur of the moment notice”, you made it a priority. I’ll always remember that!” – Beverly H.

“Hi, Marjorie. I got the DVD – it’s great! I will definitely be using you a 4th time in the future. Thanks very much.” – Willy P.

“Phil – Just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on Brendan’s video – he loved it! Also, thanks for putting all the other tapes on DVD.”  – Connie S.

“Dear Play it Again – I just wanted to thank you and your company for the fabulous Scattered Pictures Video that you created! My Parents 50th Anniversary Party was a complete success – they loved the video. Thanks again.”
– Kathy S.

“To Play it Again Video – Thank you for all the detailed work on my DVDs! …I have passed auditions and gotten jobs based on the DVDs I’ve submitted…Thank you for all your help with my career.”
– Kira S.


Hi Myrtha,

Thank you for rushing the job, in time for my parents anniversary party. It was such a hit. This was the best present I ever gave my parents.
Melissa, Back Bay
Oct 28, 2008
Hi Myrtha,
I received the DVD’s in the mail on Saturday and wanted to let you know they came out great!! Thank you so much for all your hard (and speedy) work. I can’t wait to give them to my family!
Good luck with the holiday rush!
Deirdre D.
Louis Wharf, Boston, MA
Oct 22, 2008
Hi Myrtha,
Just wanted to let you know that the film transfer came out great! The check for the remainder $235 has gone out today in the mail.
Thanks Again,
Mark T.
Marlborough, MA 01752
Great. Thanks for taking care of it and bringing it to me. You do go the extra mile (or 5).
Evren Celimli, Cambridge, MA
Oct 4, 2008

Wow, just got the DVDs back. The quality is great. I was concerned because the film was so old. But it turned out excellent. Thanks.
Carl Hall, Boston, MA
Sep 10, 2008

Myrtha, just want you to know what a hit the dvd was!! We had a wonderful time on Christmas Eve watching old “movies” with my kids!! Thank you for all your help!

Waltham, MA

Just the fact that we can get our hands on all these home movies and actually watch them instead of messing with old, broken down, oh that’s why we’ve never seen these movie projectors from ages past!! The un-edited dvd’s went to my brother in California who says they are just awesome. As for me here in Idaho, i’m the one who gets to edit and title, etc and all I can see is the itsy bitsy maybe 2″ screen on my pc so it’s difficult to see how wonderful I’m sure they are! I’m also the baby and so have no clue of what’s on most of it! I appreciate your candor and the extra time and will most definately without hesitation recomend your services to anyone and everyone who will listen! You were half the price of a local shop in central CA and that didn’t include the 10 copies, editing online, etc. So you guys have a great thing going!


Thank you for following up on the corrected movies. I did receive them yesterday and reviewed one of the DVDs. The color had improved greatly. I do understand about the mild under- exposure of film and some of the remaining blue tint. Overall, my family and I are extremely satisfied with your service and the ability to preserve these memories. Great job!!! Please pass these comments on to your production staff as well. I have already invited five other people to visit your website and learn more about your services.

Have a great day!

Both orders received yesterday. Extremely pleased with quality of the final product. Have recommended your product highly to coworkers and friends. Thanks for your patience/help in getting this keepsake done for our family!

Chuck and Pat

I want to thank you very much for your very professional service you provided to me regarding my film transfer order.

I corresponded with your customer service department before my order was transferred and I had quite a few questions. Every email was answered in a professional and courteous manner. In my emails I questioned the processing time as I interpreted it from the website. The person responding to my emails help explain the entire process to me. Although at the time I was disappointed with the answers, since I was hoping to get the DVD in time for the holidays, your service representative stayed positive and professional.

In the end, I received my DVD in time for my entire family to enjoy the movies, all together, for the holidays. As I had expected, it was the highlight of our Christmas festivities. I believe that however it was accomplished in such a timely manner, someone went above and beyond to get that DVD back to me in time for Christmas. I am very grateful not only for the exceptional job you did but the fact that your staff treated me with respect and made me feel like I was a very important client. Thank you.

It means even more to our family since my grandfather recently passed away. It was great fun to see him in the films when he was young and vibrant – it was a great memory after months of suffering in poor health.

Again, I appreciate you help and thank you,

Your company is incredible. You have the best customer service, communication than ANY OTHER COMPANY I HAVE DELT WITH. There was a gentleman in CS (I cant remember his name, Andrew?) that was so helpful. He explained exactly what I needed to do to return my hard drive so my content could be loaded on your editor. He made a note on my file to insure they new what to do with it when it was received. Called me back to let me know my credit card information was no longer on your system. Then the normal internal systems advised receipt of my product, shipment of my product. You guys are great. I have already recommended your company to 5 people!!


I would like to thank you for your professional services you have supplied. I have many reels of film and will be sending them to you throughout the upcoming year. I have a job that enables me to speak with my clients nationwide and have recommended you to many and will continue to do so. We have enjoyed the movies very much that you have converted for us.


Thanks – I just received my transferred slides and couldn’t be more pleased. What a wonderful Christmas gift to myself and my family!


I wanted to let you know that I was completely satisfied with the results from using your service. From the start, you made the process extremely easy by outlining each step clearly. Mailing in the reels and receiving feedback as to their status was done very quickly. And, within days, I was ready to edit my movies. Your methodoIogy works. I received exactly what you said I would in the form of both the original and edited DVDs. I also felt the cost was very reasonable and I would recommend your service to anyone. It takes a lot of trust to send treasured family movies in the mail to anyone. The ease of doing business with you and my receiving exactly what I ordered, plus getting my original reels back in a timely fashion, made me a believer. Thank you for helping me with this Christmas present that my family will cherish!

Thanks you,
I received my transferred movies today, I viewed the DVD and I am so pleased with your work! I’m a librarian and an archivist. I know what I sent you had been stored in the most unfriendly environment possible; Florida heat and humidity in my parents’ closet probably twenty years or more of no air conditioning! You did a great job. My parents’ 50th anniversary is this year and my brothers and I are trying to put together a special event. This will add to it.

The process was better than perfect.

Just wanted to let you know that we received our conversion order from you, tried out a few of them, and we’re quite pleased! Your web site and automated process from start to finish is a real model of efficient and effective use of the internet, media conversion technology, and order fulfillment. I’ll certainly recommend you to family and friends.

I received my oder the other day, and I can’t describe the emotions, watching my Mom, and dad’s wedding, which took place sixty six years ago. Watching the films of my three brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmothers, grandfathers, friends is like stepping into a time machine. I wanted to drop a line to thank you for doing a great job. You are professional in every way. I hope to process more, if I can find them, as alot was damaged in the hurricanes of 04, here in Florida. This is another good case for people to put their memories on DVD, so they will be protected, and can be easily duplicated. I bought my mom a DVD player for her 87th birthday July 1st, and I will play It for her then, and give her the DVD.
Again thanks for a job well done.
Ernest A
I wanted to write a note to you thanking you for the excellent service your company has. Everything was just as promised and the quality of the transfers from 8mm to CD was much better than I had expected. The service was very prompt. Just as promised. Thanks again. I have many more family movies to transfer and will be happy to send them to you again.

Thanks for everything!
I just finished watching the edited DVD that you created from my 8mm films. I just had to write and say THANK YOU. The quality is outstanding. Your service is amazing. The online edit feature is so easy to use and the speed at which things happened was amazing. This DVD is a birthday gift for my Mom’s 90th and it will truly be the best gift ever!! I’m so glad that I discovered your company. You’ll be getting much more business from my family in the future.
I again say Thanks
Terry R
I received my ‘home movies’ DVD – and I am so thrilled with the results – these are films I have not looked at for thirty years. You did a great job – I am very impressed. I am planning to transfer more 8M films in the near future – I have a whole box of them.
Karen H
My original film, the new tape and DVD arrived today and I am delighted. You did an excellent job and I will have more 16mm films to transfer to DV and I’ll certainly use your service again.
Many thanks,
Bob C.
Thank you for doing such a good job on my home movies. I know they are very old and the film was compromised in a variety of ways but you managed to rescue enough to make a memorable account of my family’s early years. I sincerely appreciate your services.
Loretta W.
Got my order and am in the process of using my software I have here to edit it. The mini dvs are great. You guys did a fantastic job thank you so much for taking such good care of our families’ memories. I even have them in time to get them edited and cut for my mom for Mother’s Day. I know my order had special “issues” that were causing you guys headaches. I appreciate all of the one on one attention to my order. I have already recommended you to a few people and will to anyone I know looking to have their movies transferred.
Thanks again!
Melissa Walton
This order was the second time I used your services to transfer old 8mm tapes to DVD. Once again I’m *extremely satisfied *with your service, particularly with the speed at which you get the job done. I was pleasantly surprised to get the DVDs well ahead of the date I wanted them. The results are exactly as I’d hoped – PERFECT!
Thanks again!
Thanks again to the staff at the lab for a job well done. Without your services, my family and I wouldn’t have been able to see our Super 8 home movies ever again. They are now preserved and are able to be enjoyed once again.
Debbie G
I have recently had 21 8mm reels transferred to DVD. I have also ordered one copy each of the edited DVD. I absolutely love how you get the originals back and you score each reel. I also like how you can edit the reels on the computer. Thank you so much for the services you provide. The customer service people you have are so helpful and nice. I believe I have dealt with Mark and Ryan. I want to thank the people who have transferred the reels. They do such a hard job and are so well trained and do such a great job of doing it. I also want to tell you how many people I have shared your website and phone number with in CT. I have many friends who want to get this done.
Thanks so much for everything. I hope to find more of our reels.
Bryan P.