Film Transfer- 16mm, 8mm, Super 8mm – how to tell them apart

If you found these in your parents attic, it’s easy to get confused: 16mm? 8mm? Super 8mm?  Maybe you weren’t even born yet. You’re right that these film formats are decades old, from the 40s, 50s.  We still get 16mm film reels form the 30s even.
It used to be that once a year, your family would gather around a film projector and watch these movies and laugh about them all over again. But, as we move forwards into the modern age of technology, those projectors are replaced by DVD players and computers. Many of us do not even own a VHS player anymore, let alone am 8mm or 16mm film projector.
The good news is that 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film has a longer shelf life than magnetic media such as VHS or Hi8 tapes.  It is not too late to transfer your film to DVD.  Our telecine process using 3CCD (a chip for each primary color) brings back these old film – normally 30 to 50 years old – to vibrant color life again.
We can transfer all 3 film formats: 8mm, Regular 8 and 16mm film to DVD or an external hard drive (ideal if you plan to edit your home movies). Film to DVD transfer Click here for Film to DVD Pricing

Film-to-DVD Pricing includes:
  • Cleaning and conditioning of film,
  • Minor film and leader repair,
  • Monitoring and adjustments
  • Generic Opening “Memories” Title
  • Choice of background music for your silent film
  •  DVD copy and
  • Master DV backup tape (In case you scratch or break your DVDs, you don’t want to spend the $ transferring the film all over again
Old home movies on film

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