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If you visit our store, you’ll feel like you stepped back 40-60 years. Equipment you’ve not seen since you were little – Reel-to-Reel transfer machine, audio cassette players, DAT players …

Reel-to-Reel player Audio Cassette Tape
Turntable vinyl record DAT to CD transfer

Many of your favorite songs on audio cassettes or vinyl albums are available on CDs or iTunes. If so, you should just buy the CD, instead of transferring your audio cassette or LP. It costs less and you’ll get much better quality from master productions by the artist/studio. If they are not available on CD, or if they are voice recordings of loved ones, we can transfer them to CDs for you.

A couple weeks ago, a woman came with an audio cassette she had been hanging on for 25 years. It was broken, it no longer played, but the precious audio tape in the housing contains the only voice recording she has of her mother, long passed away. It was very difficult for her to let it go, even when we assure her, we do all the work in-house, we don’t ship it off across town, state or country. She finally let us work on it, and was thrilled to get back a CD to hear her mother’s voice again. Goose bumps right? You think I make up these stories, no they are real, and I have many, many more like that.

Anyway, to get back on track, we can transfer your audio casettes, your LP (vinyl recording) of varying speeds, and also DAT (Digital Audio Tapes).

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Audio Cassette to CD Transfer
Vinyl Record (LP) to CD Transfer

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