Is it safe to leave your tape, film reels, slides, photos here?

It’s a serious responsibility to be entrusted with your irreplaceable home movies, photos, slides, audio and other precious media. So we can sleep better at night, we live by 10 safety procedures – some of which may surprise you (play video below).

Handing over your precious irreplaceable home movies to a stranger is a very scary prospect. What if it gets damaged, lost, or mixed up with another customer’s media. It’s unthinkable.

For us at Play it Again Video, it’s a serious responsibility. So we can sleep better at night, we live by 10 safety procedures we’ll show in this video. Our target? Zero Loss, Zero Damage, Zero Mix-Ups .

1. We do the work on-site

We do not ship your precious media out of town, out of state, or out of country. Your precious media stays in the building until you pick them up.

2. We are insanely organized

Each order goes into a separate bin on designated shelves to prevent mix ups.

3. We tag and ID every item

Every item is tagged with a unique job# and item number. Even if your tape gets separated from its job bin, we know where the tape belongs to.

4. We track every job with a unique barcode

Orders are tracked with a unique barcode. They are scanned as they progress from one station to the next. A system of alerts raise red flags if a job is not moving along for any reason.

5. This may surprise you. We have no unlidded exposed trash bins

We process hundreds of jobs a week. Do you know how easy it is for your precious media to accidentally leap into an open receptacle? So, lids on all exposed waste baskets.

6. We count over and over again

We count when you drop off your tapes, we count when the lab starts to work on your job, we count before you pick them up. We want to make sure you get back ALL of what you dropped off and none of what somebody else dropped of.

7. We don’t allow open beverage containers

All of our staff members drink from cups with lids and bottles with caps. You will find no open beverages here.

8. We protect your fragile media with extra care

Loose slides, SD cards, hard drives, fragile photos – we protect them all with extra care .

9. Pick-up bags are labeled clearly

Completed jobs are put in clearly-labeled, bags with barcodes to prevent mix ups.

10. Are these yours?

When you pick up your order, we show you the tapes, reels or slides to confirm that they are yours (and nobody else’s).

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