The End of Slide Shows

It’s a crime to bore your guests. Sure, anyone can create a string of photos that fade in and out into the next photo. But where’s the art in that?

Our video montage, which we called Scattered Pictures, is artistically choreographed, stunning, and will wow your guests. Watch the sample below:

What you provide:

  • Photos – Choose your favorite photos. We can take photo prints, 35mm slides, or digital JPG images.
  • Videos – Even with just still photos, our video montage is so sophisticated it looks like a video. Additionally, you can add video clips to intersperse with your photos. We can take the videos from your VHS, Hi8 tapes, or from your digital source such as thumbdrive, flash drive, external hard drive.
  • Music – is at the heart of a Play it Again video montage. It’s what makes the whole production so moving, so emotional. If you don’t have a music in mind, our choreographer can help you choose the perfect piece to go with your photos and the occassion.
  • Custom Titles – Your special message to the birthday girl turning sweet 16, the newlyweds, the 80th birthday boy…

What we create for you:
We take your photos, videos, music, custom titles and turn them into a stunning video montage. We get really insulted if you call them slide shows. This one will not put your guests to sleep. This one will keep them sitting straight, laughing, crying …

Pricing starts at $139. Call us for a free consultation.
For more details, go to:

Here what our customers rave about their Scattered Pictures product:

Fredda B raves about her Mom’s 90th birthday Scattered Pictures video montage:

Liz T raves about her husband’s 80th birthday Scattered Pictures video montage:


  1. Kristen Calandrella says:

    i have about 50 pictures i want to put on a DVD and make a movie… is that what you guys do?

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