Photos, videos, film out of the closet – why now?

What are the events in life that trigger us to reach back into our past, to our saved memories on tapes, photos, audio cassettes, and bring them back to life?  It’s a question I ask our customers often.  It is an interesting question.  Everything that comes through our door that’s not alive, are decades old.  Film reels?  They hail from the ’50s, ’60s, that makes them over a half century old.

So what prompts their owners to finally pull them out of a dark closet?  Here are some of the reasons I’ve gotten:

  • A big birthday, say turning 80, or in the case of the Town of Needham, turning 350
  • A celebration – graduation, wedding, retirement…
  • A loss – photos, videos highlights of a person’s journey here, shown at memorial services
  • Moving house – customers often surprised how boxes of video tapes will now fit on a palm-size portable hard drive.
  • Family reunion – holiday get-togethers, or simply kids coming home from college, get those family home movies digitized to show kids how adorable they once were.

Are you still hanging on to old photos, photo albums, VHS tapes, home movie films?  The only reason you need is that these precious memory media have a shelf life.  Transfer them before it’s too late.


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