Transferring to Hard Drive

More and more customers are requesting that their films or videos be transferred to an external hard drive. Why? Because video editing has become simpler, video editing software even comes free with Windows or Mac.  Transferring to an external hard drive makes it easy to import your raw video footage into the software so you can trim out the boring parts, add music, video transitions, special effects.

Watching unedited raw footage can be like watching grass grow. Editing allows you to trim scenes, add titles, intersperse photos between video scenes, and even add voice-over narrative. For silent 8mm and 16mm film, adding a music from the era can set the mood and enhance the viewing experience.

When you request a hard drive transfer of your film and videos, remember to tell us if you will be editing your videos on the PC or MAC.  If you are using a PC editing software, we will transfer the videos into .AVI format.  If you will be editing on a MAC, we transfer the videos to .MOV format.  This allows the video files to be imported into the respective video editing software directly.

Transfer to Hard DriveAnother advantage of transferring to a hard drive is that you get higher-resolution files.  Video files that habe been burned on a DVD have been compressed, that’s why you can fit 2 hours on video on a 4.7 gig DVD disk space.  The same 2 hours of video on a hard drive will take up 30 Gig.  Rule of thumb for estimating how much hard drive space you need is:  15 Gig per hour of video.

Our videos to hard drive transfer pricing is a simple $25 per hour per tape, plus a one-time $25 hard drive set-up fee..  For film transfers to hard drive, the hard drive fee is in addition to the film transfer fee.  If your total film footage is 1 hour, the additional fee to transfer to hard drive is $25, plus the one-time $25 hard drive set-up fee.

Don’t hesitate to contact us about your video transfer project to discuss if transferring to hard drive is the right option for you.

Click here for Hard Drive Transfer Pricing

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  1. Keith Dion says:


    I have 8mm film to tranfer to DVD or Hard drive. I have three – 3 inch reels, six – 5 inch and one 7 inch reels
    for about 1750 ft of film.

    I would like to get a quote to transfer to DVD and a quote to tranfer to Hard Drive.
    Also what kind of hard drive (portable or external) and cost of drive?

    Thank You

    Keith Dion

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