View 8mm film Before Transferring to DVD

Eventbrite - FREE Viewing at Play it Again Video

8mm film Free Viewing A woman came in with 6 5-inch 8mm film reels she found in her deceased father’s attic. The reels were not labelled so she had no idea what was on it. She hopes it’s home movies, but what if it’s a football game or hours of her dad fishing? Is it worth the money to transfer the film?

No need to guess. Call us to reserve a viewing station. Come in with your 8mm, Super 8, 16mm film to view them BEFORE you decide which film reels to transfer. All you need to do is to reserve an appointment, come in at your scheduled time with your VHS tapes, film reels, audio cassettes or whatever old media you wish to view.

Old Media you can bring to view:

  • VHS Tapes, VCR, VHS-C (the compact tape that fits into a cartridge)
  • We have the VHS-C cartridge, no need to turn the attic upside down looking for yours
  • 8mm Tapes, Sony Hi8
  • miniDV Tapes
  • Film Reels: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm film reels
  • Audio: Cassettes, LP (Vinyl records) – all speed
  • Slides: 35mm slides – line them up in our slide viewer for easy viewing.

See you at the store. We’ve reserved equipment for you to step back into the 60′s, 50′s. We can even play some Big Band music while you are watching and reminiscing. There is no obligation to transfer your tapes, film or slides.

Eventbrite - FREE Viewing at Play it Again Video

Old home movies tapes and film reels

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