Vinyl Records to CD

Our on-site audio transfer lab in Newton, MA can transfer LP’s, 33’s, 45’s, 78’s, PLUS cassettes, 1/4 inch reel to reel, DATS to CD with very satisfying, often amazing results.

Utilizing an effective combination of analog and digital hardware, software, and specially designed computer equipment, we are able to bring your treasured recordings on vinyl and tape, which have a very limited shelf life, to the digital domain format that will not degrade. The vinyl records we see are a piece of history in the owner’s life. We see mint condition recordings the owners who would like to keep that way and be able to enjoy with convenience, we see a lot of vinyl records home-produced in the 60’s, as well as vinyl records created in recording booths: Around the 1950s, you could go into a recording booth, record a message to a loved one, and the booth would issue a vinyl record there and then, much like modern photo booths.

The vinyl on these records were very cheaply made. Copies found today usually have vinyl chipping off the edges as well as cracks throughout, we use a combination of cleaning processes, professional equipment and software to re-produce these audio messages.

Families and individuals who bring their records to Play it Again audio lab in Newton, MA, can be any of the following:

– Record collectors who wish to preserve their album collections before they degrade
– Folks who wish to make their favorite treasured songs more portable
– People that cannot find their favorite vinyl on CD
– Those looking for a unique special gift for the person who has everything …

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  1. Hi i wouyld like a 33 rpm lp album converted from vinyl to cd–the record is old so i dont weant to spend alot–let me know the cost.
    Frankie Imbergamo
    [email protected]
    cell 617-429-2753

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