Photos Scanning Service

Your photos were not meant to last forever.

Printed photographs become faded, develop a dull yellowish tinge, and become more prone to tears. New technology allows you to take these old faded photos and restore the sharpness and color to them, but it’s a labor-intensive process and not inexpensive. Why not digitize your photos now before you need to resort to such measures? Once you scan and digitize your photos, they will retain the same brilliant color and clarity every time you pull them up on the computer screen.

Digital photos are much more versatile. You can turn them into slideshows or video montage projects, upload them onto online albums, create beautiful photo books with the numerous online services available today, or simply email a special photo from the past to a friend or family member.

If you are like me, you’ve collected hundreds of photos, maybe even thousands over the years. Invest in the time to go through them so you don’t spend money scanning photos you don’t care about. I find that as I get older, photos with people and faces are much more precious to me than photos of inanimate objects. Remember all the photos of the Eiffel tower you took, or of Mt. Everest? You can find much more stunning photos of the same objects online. But the photos with your mother the way she looked 30 years ago, your child’s 1st birthday, your grandparents, thanksgiving gatherings, those are the ones you want to scan and preserve forever.

Once you’ve selected your photos, you have a choice of organizing them into groups or not. If you group your photos, we will organize the scanned digital photos into folders on the DVD so it will be easier for you to view them or incorporate into projects. By the way, after all of your photos are scanned it is a good idea to perform a windows backup to ensure that a second copy of your picture files are stored in a safe place.

At Play it Again Video, your photos are never sent out of town, out of state, out of country. They stay right here until you pick them up. Because we scan your photos on-site, it also means our turnaround is a lot quicker. If you have a precious photo you need right away, we can even scan it for you while you wait.

Photo Scanning Service at Play it Again:

  • Professional dedicated Kodak photo scanner (not consumer flatbed)
  • Standard scanning resolution for loose photos  is 600 DPI, High resolution, up to 1,200 DPI available upon request
  • Scan photos up to 11″ by 14″ (scrapbook size), starting at 300 DPI (flatbed scan)
  • Quick turnaround of 3 to 5 days, depending on quantity.
  • All work done on-site.

Call us today for your photo scanning questions. Is your photo ripped, damaged, stained? Check out our Photo Restoration Service.

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