Best Family Photos – 7 tips for amazing vacation photos

Smartphone vacation photos
Get a close up of the picture
People often times like to take a picture of everything that they see with their eyes. But what they don’t realize is that eye sight is so centered that they might only be focusing on one object. Taking a close up picture of the object brings a meaningful center to the memory.

Backgrounds can make or break the photo
While you spend some time thinking about the center of the photo, also take the time to consider what the backdrop should be. Plain backgrounds are great for portraits, but if you’re on vacation at the beach then use the ocean, sand, or other sights to introduce a sense of location and purpose.

Focus (blur) on the right things
Many cameras, smartphones included, have a very simple way of adjusting the focus (the amount of blur) of the picture. Take a moment to think whether you want to see every little detail of the moment, or just the expression on your family’s face.

Family Vacation Action Shot

Take action shots
In the grand scheme of things, photos are a means of storing memories. The stronger the emotion at that time, the stronger the memory will be. The same goes for photos. Taking photos of people in action will help capture the excitement and feeling of the moment, greatly preserving the memory for years to come.

Use filters that don’t distract from the photo
If you are living in the modern world then you have probably heard of filters. Filters are quick and simple editing tools that you use immediately after taking the photo. Correctly using them will enhance the atmosphere, while using too much or the incorrect one can ruin the photo. Err on the side of lightness and use filters to accentuate key details.

Smartphone cameras are legitimate as well
Here are a few tips for those of us who use smartphones as our cameras of choice. While the smartphone lens is usually pretty small, using the below suggestions as well as the above, can help bring the memory to life.

  • Take many photos in succession. There are a lot of apps out there that allow the smartphone to take multiple photos at a time, allowing you to find that perfect one.
  • Crop don’t zoom. There are a few advantages but the main reason is to not limit the use of the small lens in the camera.
  • Avoid flash. Smartphones are notorious for red eye and the flash itself will mostly detract from the picture.

Enjoy the moments as much as taking memories
Last but not least. Whether you are taking the picture or are getting your picture taken, remember to enjoy the moment and that the point of the photo is to preserve it. Don’t force a photo and keep a good sense of humor, this will help preserve the emotion and feeling and will lead to a great photo, not to mention a great memory.

Digital photos are the way of the future and for those of you who haven’t yet adapted, now might be a good time. Hard copies of photos are a great way to keep them in plain sight but not a good storage method. They crinkle and tear. And if you leave them alone for long enough, then the moisture in the air will get to them. It’s time for those memories to enter the digital age where there is no risk of deteriorating quality.

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