Five Benefits of a Professional VHS to DVD Service

VHS to DVDFive Benefits of a Professional VHS to DVD Service
Taking your (seemingly) ancient VHS tapes and turning them into shiny, all-digital DVDs can be quite a task. VHS to DVD transfer is no small undertaking, especially if you’re working with decades of footage and dozens, even hundreds of tapes. In most cases, you’re looking at hours and hours of importing, conversion and recording.
Thanks to new software and more powerful computers, pretty much anyone can copy a VHS tape and turn it into a DVD. However, there are some big benefits to letting a professional handle the grunt work.


Benefits like:


Most professional VHS to DVD services allow you to simply mail your tapes to their office and wait for the discs to return in the mail. Local shops will have a similar “drop-off and forget” policy, in which you simply leave your VHS tapes in the hands of pros and come back to pick up the DVDs or hard drive (more and more customers are choosing to convert to hard drives) when they’re done. If you’re short on time and don’t feel like spending your weekends in front of a computer screen loading tapes, this is definitely the better way to go.

You may be savvy with computers, but that doesn’t make you a media transfer expert. Professional services know how to get the highest quality video off a tape and onto a DVD, in the most efficient timespan. While you could spend days simply figuring out what transfer settings work best, a professional service could be hard at work on your project. Pro services also have top-quality, professional gear and software.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but bringing your VHS tapes to a professional may even end up being cheaper for you in the long run. After you figure in buying the necessary equipment for transferring your VHS tapes to the computer and tracking down some software to do the task, you could be spending more to do it yourself than you would to have someone else handle it. Plus, there’s the opportunity cost—hours spent transferring videos are hours you don’t spend with family or working on hobbies.

Converting tapes on your own provides you with a fairly narrow set of options for what you can do. Depending on your software, you may only be able to convert to DVD, or only to PC shareable media. Talking to an expert can give you options you may not have considered, such as menus, easy sharing capabilities, extra copies and tons of other cool stuff. Pros will also have a number of pricing options so you can figure out what works best for you.

Your VHS tapes are precious—they contain irreplaceable memories. So it’s important that you give them to someone that knows what they’re doing. If you accidentally erase, break or damage your tapes trying to convert them, there’s no way to go back. Even if a damaged tape can be salvaged, it will likely cost you more than it would have cost to simply go to a professional for the initial conversion. Nearly all professional services offer quality and safety guarantees.
Overall, how you go about transferring your VHS tapes to DVD or new media is your call. Just be sure to consider the pros and cons to both options available before you commit to one or the other.


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