Scanned Old Pictures To Put Up Album For Her Close Friend

Hi I came in today with a very special project to work on. One of my very closest friend from college – and I hate to admit it now but that goes back 40 years – unfortunately is struggling with cancer. She turns 65 in a middle of her chemo and her brother-in-law decided something that would really be nice to help lift her spirits and know how much everyone loves her would be to put together a photo-journalistic-kind of album of all the important people of her life wishing her well and sending her good energy.

I noticed that I don’t have a single photo in digital of her, of us. She and I. But I looked through my photo albums there was a photo from my wedding, less than 40 years ago and then a few photos over the years. So I came in, it was just wonderful, how helpful, how beautifully these old photos were scanned and how sensitive to the project they were.

And now I am going home with a beautiful bunch of photos that I can send of to her brother-in-law and its part of the recovery.

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