Play it Again, Sam. Who said that?

Today, I learned from a customer that “Play it again, Sam.” is one of the top film misquote. Meaning, never in the film Casablanca, did anyone utter the phrase, “Play it Again, Sam.” “No way”, you say. That was my reaction too. But read it for yourself in the Top 15 Film Misquote.

Play it Again Sam in CasablancaThe phrase is often believed to have been said by Bogart in the movie, Casablanca. In fact, Bogart never said it quite like that. The closest he came to the phrase was: “You played it for her, you can play it for me…If she can stand it, I can. Play it!” How about Ingrid Bergman’s character? What she actually said was “Play it, Sam.” Doesn’t it make you want to watch Casablanca all over again, just to prove this yourself?

We are Play it Again Video. But we answer to Play it Again, Sam too. After all, at least once a week, someone calls and asks, ‘Is this Play it Again Sam? I need to transfer my old home movies to DVD.”

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