According to Kodak, Everyone Had a Happy Childhood

This guy, Mark, came in with old Super 8mm home movies from his mom’s attic.  He didn’t know what was on it, so he brought the film in to view them on our projector to decide whether he wanted to spend the money to convert the Super 8mm film to DVD or not.  He kept shaking his head when he watched them.  I was puzzled why little happy kids running around on the old home movie should be so objectionable.

Long ago child hoodI understood when Mark commented, “Wow, I  have been going to therapy for the last 10 years trying to undo my childhood.  What do you know, turns out my childhood is not so bad after all.  Here’s the evidence.”  That is precisely why I take a lot of home videos.  So if my children end up in therapy accusing me of total parental neglect, I can whip out these videos and say, “Here’s the evidence, I took you to the zoo, I took you camping, etc.”

Capture your good times, and remember to publicize them, especially to the kids, over and over and over again.  Because according to Kodak, every kid has a happy childhood.

If you can’t remember what your childhood is like, go dig out those old 8mm film reels, or 16mm film reels from the attic and convert those old home movies to DVD so you can watch them again.  It may change what you remember about your childhood.  For the better, I hope.

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