Old Kodak slide scanned- Happy Customer

A customer, John from Cambridge, had his friend try 9 different places to get some special slides scanned but there was one special slide that kept getting cropped by the machine.  So John, tried to scan the slide himself with a slide scanner and a digital camera, but still couldn’t do it. Finally, he brought his slide to Play it Again Video and was very pleased with the result.  He even gave the person helping him here a Mother’s Day card in appreciation. We’ve seen a lot over 30 years, but this is the first time a customer gave our front desk person a Mother’s Day card.

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Film-to-DVD Transfer Near Newton, MA

Looking for film transfer?
Out on-site film transfer brick and mortar lab is only a few minutes drive from Newton, MA

The good news is that 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film have a longer shelf life than magnetic media such as VHS or Hi8 tapes.   It is not too late to transfer your decades-old 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm  film to DVD.  Our telecine process using professional 3CCD (a chip for each primary color) brings back these aging films to life again.

We can transfer all 3 film formats: 8mm, Regular 8 and 16mm film to DVD or if you have plans to edit your raw video footage, we recommend transferring your films to an external hard drive.

If you live in Newton, MA, you don’t need to ship your precious film reels out of town, out of country.  Our on site film lab is located in Newton, MA, only a few minutes drive from Newton.

Film to DVD transfer

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3 Reasons Newton, MA families choose Play it Again Video

We are 100% Local

We are local. Our on-site lab is in Newton, MA, a few minutes from Boston and Cambridge. Our friendly staff is right here to assist you in person. Don’t know what’s on your film reels? Bring them in and watch them on our film viewer.  When you drop off your film reels, they stay right here until you pick them up.

We’ve Been Transferring Film for 24 Years

Film is our specialty: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm. We use a combination of old-fashioned technology – hand-cleaning every inch of the film and repairing any sprocket damage – and the best 3CCD film-transfer equipment out there to get the highest film to dvd digital transfer quality possible.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident we are one of the bestin the world at turning your 8mm, Super8 or 16mm film to DVD or external hard drive. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our transfer, we will redo the work or give you a full refund.

Competitive Pricing

Unlike some labs that advertise a low rate per foot, than add all kinds of extra charges for basic services like DVD creation,

Play it Again  Film-to-DVD Pricing is all-inclusive:

  • Cleaning and conditioning of film,
  • Minor film and leader repair,
  • Monitoring and adjustments
  • Generic Opening “Memories” Title
  • Choice of background music for your silent film
  •  DVD copy and
  • Master DV backup tape (In case you scratch or break your DVDs, you don’t want to spend the $ transferring the film all over again

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