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Play it Again Video is an on-site brick-and-mortar video transfer lab in Newton MA. When we started in 1986, customers brought in old film reels, 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, to be transferred to, nope, not DVD, but to VHS tapes. If they wanted to share it with friends, they would request multiple copies of the VHS tapes. We were careful to point out to them which was the Master VHS, because making copies of a copy of a copy of a copy resulted in lower and lower quality.

It’s a digital world today. And the options have increased. You can transfer to regular DVD, to BluRay DVD, or you can transfer your old home movies to an external hard drive. If you found old 8mm film reels in your dad’s attic, you may not even know what they are or what to do with them.

This How-To Section of our website was created to educate and familiarize our customers on the choices they have, answer any questions they may have about our process, how to measure film footage, why we use 3 CCD telecine cameras, etc, and take the mystique out of turning their old home movies to a format they can watch and enjoy today.

If your question is not answered, email us, call us (contact info below), drop by our store. If you found old film reels, VHS tapes, slides, audio cassettes and have no idea what’s on them, call us to reserve our viewing station. There’s no charge to using our viewing station. In fact, it saves you money because it helps you decide what to transfer and what to skip.

Enjoy our videos on this How-To portion of our website.
Protecting your precious memories since 1986,
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