Transfer Home Movies to DVD or to Hard Drive?

Transfer your home movies to DVD or to Hard Drive? What’s right for you?

Here’s the Short answer:

If you just want to watch your home movies, choose DVD. If you have any plans to edit your home movies, choose external hard drive.

If you choose DVD, then later decide to edit your video, is it possible? The answer is Yes. However, you’ll need to go through extra step called DVD Ripping, to convert your DVD files to a format that can be edited by your video editing software.

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  1. […] Let’s rewind for a second. When you’re not working with a DVD and instead with a VHS or Hi8 Tape or popular format including 16mm, 18mm, or Super8 format and you plan to edit them, there is another option besides converting to a DVD. Instead your DVDs can be transferred to a portable hard drive. […]

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