Adding Titles, Credits to Your Movies

Titles or Captions are easy to add with Windows Movie Maker.
Rolling Credits are a special type of titles. Make sure you include Rolling Credits in your very first movie so you can list the name of the new budding movie director: you. Watch the video to see how that’s done.


Notes &Tips

  • A title can take up the whole screen (solid color background)  or it can be overlayed over your video or over your photo.
  • If you do a title over your video, the title appears in the Title Overlay track on your timeline.
  • You can slide title overlays left and right to make it pop up at the precise moment.
  • You can also trim and extend title overlays to control how long they stay on the screen.
  • There are many title animations to choose from.  My favorites: Basic TitleSubtitleNews Video Inset,News Banner and Newspaper.  That last one is really cool, you must check it out.

Editing Your Movie Maker Project

SequenceEditing Your Video TimelineGroup
60Create new Movie Maker projectEdit
70Add Video Clips to TimelineEdit
80How to Split or Overlap a Video ClipEdit
90Add Music or Sound ClipsEdit
100Add Special Effects to your movieEdit
110Add Transitions Between Video ClipsEdit
120Adding Titles and Rolling CreditsEdit

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