Add Transitions to Your Movie

A transition is something you add between TWO clips. You don’t add a Transition on a clip. You add a Transition BETWEEN two clips.

Notes &Tips

  • By controlling how much the two clips overlap, you can control how fast or how slow the transition is.
  • To increase the overlap, just slide the second clip more into the first clip.  To decrease the overlap, just slide the second clip out more from the first clip.
  • Transitions add a nice touch.  But don’t overdo it.  It’s only striking if you use it sparingly.  Do you see fancy transitions on professional Holywood movies?
  • The transition I use the most is the simple Dissolve.
  • To dissolve one clip to the next, I can either drag down the Dissolve transition from the Video Transitions Collection to my timeline, or I can simply slide the second clip into the first clip.  If I sound Greek to you, please preview the video on Overlapping Video Clips.

Add Titles and Rolling Credits

Editing Your Movie Maker Project

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90Add Music or Sound ClipsEdit
100Add Special Effects to your movieEdit
110Add Transitions Between Video ClipsEdit
120Adding Titles and Rolling CreditsEdit

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