Add Special Effects

Video Special Effects are fun. Movie Maker comes with over twenty video effects already built into the application.
Watch the video for some cool ways to use video effects.

Notes & Tips

The video effects I use most frequently are:

  • Ease In and Fade Out – I use them on still pictures, it gives it a perception of motion.
  • Slow Down – I use it to create slow motion effect like my son hitting a baseball. Put the right sound effect with it and you got one cool scene.
  • Speed Up – I use it to add comical effects. Like kids running and grabbing loot from a pinata.

Once in a while I use: Brightness, Increase – to lighten up a dark video scene. If you shoot your video in good light, you shouldn’t have to rely on this effect at all..

Go easy on special effects. They are only striking if you do it sparingly. And nothing smells more amateurish than a movie with too many senseless and distracting special effects.

Add Transitions Between Video Clips

Editing Your Movie Maker Project

SequenceEditing Your Video TimelineGroup
60Create new Movie Maker projectEdit
70Add Video Clips to TimelineEdit
80How to Split or Overlap a Video ClipEdit
90Add Music or Sound ClipsEdit
100Add Special Effects to your movieEdit
110Add Transitions Between Video ClipsEdit
120Adding Titles and Rolling CreditsEdit

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