How to Split or Overlap a Video Clip

Why would I want to split a clip?  Trimming only work on the edges of the clip.  You can trim the beginning or the ending.  If, however,  I want to take out something in the middle of the clip, I have to first split the clip, then trim the edges.  Or sometimes, I just need the first few seconds of a long video clip.  Instead of trimming 90% of the clip away, I just split it, and delete the part I don’t want.

Why would I want to overlap 2 clips? The effect is darn cool and so easy to do.

By controlling how much the two clips overlap, you can control how fast or how slow the transition is.  To increase the overlap, just slide the second clip more into the first clip.  To decrease the overlap, just slide the second clip out more from the first clip.

1. How to Split a Video Clip on the Timeline

2. How to Overlap Two Video Clips on the Timeline

Add Music or Sound Clips to Movie Timeline

Editing Your Movie Maker Project

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